“Today I can say that these tools and new practices have been the key for me to successfully overcome my professional and personal challenges that I face daily.”
Marta García Gomar, Chief Technology Officer, Agnitio, Madrid

Executive Coaching

Individual coaching generates transformational learning and opens up new possibilities for action since it is capable of provoking profound changes in people. Sometimes the limitations we have, we have set ourselves through perceptions around events and situations. We help reveal these perceptions to make way for new growth. Coaching also helps reveal blind spots and lever strengths.

At Linden Tree Coaching we are motivated by the desire to see your organisation and/or teams succeed with facilitated processes that improve management skills, retention and bottom line.

While taking care of organisational needs, your executives are supported by coaches who have the capacity to ask the right questions to challenge the status quo.

Examples of situations in which coaching would be recommended:

  • In times of change: new positions; new responsibilities; new professional challenges; mergers; acquisitions; reorganisations, etc
  • In crisis: delicate work situations; situations requiring difficult decision making; moments of tension and stress
  • In multicultural environments where there’s a greater potential for misunderstanding
  • Inter-personal, intra-department or intra-team conflict
  • Following training; coaching reinforces the results of training programmes
  • After individual 360 degree feedback
  • When integrating into a new cultural environment
  • When desired work-life balance is not being achieved
  • At times when a professional career change is desired


The Benefits

When we are able to step back, observe and analyse ourselves, we are able to generate change that previously would have seemed complicated or even impossible to achieve. Let us support you!

Your executives will learn:

  • How to personify authenticity and a high level of self- confidence and trust
  • To create a working environment conducive to creativity and innovation
  • How a physical presence can generate commitment in others
  • Commitment to the vision of your organisation
  • Increased efficiency and clarity of communications
  • How the use of language stimulates action and increases the efficiency and productivity of a team

Trust and Confidentiality

Respect and trust are important to us. We’re able to create an authentic environment within our programmes, creating elements essential to increasing company performance, innovation and stronger results.

We respect the confidentiality of all information volunteered or given by our clients. This includes personal data from forms or emails, as well as information discussed during coaching and training.

The coaches that collaborate with Linden Tree Coaching are members of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and adhere to its methodology, as well as its standard code of ethics and practice.

Please refer to our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy for more information.

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