Jean-Louis Hernandez,. Regional Head of P&C, AXA Emerging Markets – EMEA-LATAM, Madrid

“The individual coaching with Susanna helped me reinforce my self-esteem and my vision of my role and contribution in the organization! All our exchanges were very clear and direct, and I have a particularly fond memory of the breathing exercises as a tool to control stress. A fantastic professionnal!

Eduardo Serra, Manager Public Affairs, Telefónica, Brussels

“The majority of people think that success or failure in a job depends on the individual’s talent. However, it is more than proven that the success or failure depends fundamentally on the attitude that this person has towards work and life. Fortunately, Linden Tree Coaching show us that we can work on, and improve, this attitude and give us tools to do so.”

Gabriela Gorostidi, Global Supply Chain Excellence Manager, Shell, Brussels

“In our coaching sessions we worked on the balance between my personal and professional life. I realised the pressure that I was putting myself under to be efficient and achieve results at work. Now that I am able to see it, I think that it is perfectly alright to allow myself some free time and to relax. This has enabled me to see everything from a different perspective. Coaching helped me to understand this and continues to be of use to me every day.”

Michelle Curtis, International Headquarters Recruitment Coordinator, Leading Social Media Company, Dublin

“Enjoyed every single session with Susanna. She is amazing! And hope that I can meet her again. She is so caring and helpful and shows another angle to my situations that I have never really considered.”

Anna Persson, Entrepreneur and Founder of 360 Entrepreneurship Summit for Women, Milan

“When Susanna became my coach I was starting up my own company. I was struggling with a lot of fear and self doubt blocking me from moving forward. Susanna helped me reconnect with my passion and the things that are important to me. And maybe most important of all, to trust. The coaching with Susanna really made a significant shift for me and my business.”

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